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The One Voice Office was set up in 2009 to represent One Voice for the Blairgowrie & Rattray Community and we merged with the Ericht Trust in 2018 to form Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust. The office at 13 Upper Mill Street continues to sell books as Booklore and to provide information as before. It is entirely run by volunteers.

We have these main aims:

  • To be a shop window and communications point for the community and to display projects and answer questions about them.
  • To act as a hub whereby the many groups in the area could link in and communicate with each other.
  • To encourage the increase of visitors to the Blairgowrie and Rattray area

With dedicated mailing lists, a complete list of all groups, clubs and organisations and information on regular weekly activities as well as upcoming events, you can use this Hub as your starting point to find out what's going on in Blairgowrie & Rattray!

In 2011, we became independent as the One Voice Volunteer Group Association, we were constituted and became a charity in the autumn of that year.

In 2015, we became the founding, supportive organisation and community arm of Discover Blairgowrie. The One Voice Office is now also the Visitor Centre forDiscover Blairgowrie helping visitors learn more of Blairgowrie and Rattray. 

A second hand Bookshop (Booklore) was established earlier to help support the overheads of running the office. The constitution has as its main aims:

  • Provide opportunities for organisations and agencies to work together
  • Display information for general public interest
  • To provide a centre for sharing ideas between local people, organisation and groups
  • To encourage with others a sense of community.

What we do Examples:

  • The Petition to raise awareness of the lack of Consulation about the future of the Cottage Hospital. After the public meeting of 400 people, a focus group was set up. Now there has been £2.4m invested in a splendid new GP wing.
  • The collaboration between the Local History Trust and BEPTA in the Berry exhibition, which now has had over 600 visitors who have enjoyed their trip down memory lane.
  • The BBC2 documentary on the Great British Food revival (July 2012) used some of our old photographs and one of our members memories of berry picking. Numerous displays of events, fundraising walks, exhibitions have been displayed in our windows and on our website.
  • The Strathmore Arts Festival uses us to organize their photographic competition,: the Rattray Arts Festival, the Silver Arrow Competition, the Strathmore Screen, Wednesday Walks, Rattray Theatre Bus. Friendship café, Lyric Choir, Sing! And many more.
  • The PKCountryside Trust have used us a a meeting point for consultation and the PKC has used our office and space to display their 5 year plan and more recently the plans for the Wellmeadow and Riverside. 

We now manage the article and advert collection for the quarterly One Voice Hub Magazine and issue invoices. We received a small grant from Dementia Services that will allow the magazine to continue fro 18 months from February 2015.

We have helped many people look up where their family lived.

We work well with the Tourist Information office since we provide very local knowledge.

We worked with Perth & Kinross Council in 2014 to help create the content for the 7 You Are Here signs located around the town.

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